Khloe Kardashian Has A Meltdown During Kanye West’s Party At Staples Center

30-year old reality star Khloe Kardashian was having the time of her life recently during a Kanye West party that was going down at the Staples Center. But things went south in no time as she had a meltdown and it all has do with her ex-husband and former Los Angeles Lakers player, Lamar Odom. A year has passed since Khloe filed for a divorce from her estranged husband and regardless of what she does, she is not in a position to completely forget about him. And when Kanye West was celebrating his 38th birthday at the Staple Center recently Khloe couldn’t not stop thinking about her ex husband Lamar Odom and as a result she had a meltdown during the party. “Khloe did her best to keep it together, but she had to go into the locker room at one point during Kanye’s party ,” a source who had attended the Kanye West birthday party revealed. “The environment reminded her way too much of Lamar and she couldn’t handle it.” Given that Lamar played for the Lakers at the Staple Center and that she had attended several matches at the Staple Center so as to watch him, Khloe was reminded of the days when the two were together and as a result she simply lost it. “There were times, after Lamar’s games, when he and Khloe would go onto the court when everyone had left the building to play horse or a game of one-on-one,” the source went on to reveal. “Those were some of the most spontaneous and romantic times they had together, and being there reminded her of that. She couldn’t handle it.”




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