Three ways to get a smooth bikini line

It's the time to go out and enjoy the summer sporting your skimpy bathing suits. No matter if it is a vacation with family or simply trying to keep a good look, a smooth and nicely groomed bikini line is definitively a must. 

So, you already know how to get a bikini line. Let's just see how to make the best and smoothest line

1. Shaving

The idea of shaving is to get a closer shave and to prevent bumps. This can be done easily.  Let shaving be the last thing you do in the shower.  Steam makes the hair bend more easily, which is perfect for the razor to cut closer to the roots. 

Every time you stroke, pass the razor blade under the water to collect dead skin that collects in the blades.  Use shaving cream to prevent bumps.  As a tip, you can also use conditioner to facilitate the hair removal. 

2. Waxing

To prevent ingrown hairs, you should probably exfoliate your bikini line the night before. If you are already planning on waxing, do that only.  Don't try to shave the hair to make the waxing 'easier'.  In fact, wax adheres more easily in long hair that to short hair.  

Experts recommend that the hair length should be at least a quarter inch to make it easy for the wax to grasp the hair. This means that your wax will hurt less and you will barely have bumps. 

3. Laser

This method has the advantage of being permanent and your bikini line will be impeccable. Of course, this method will make you break the bank at around $200 per appointment and you need around 8 sessions for the bikini line that you are looking for. 

Very importantly, before you go to your laser hair removal, shave the pubic area and do not wax it. 

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